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Definition and pronunciation key for the word "calque." A calque is a loan translation. A word borrowed from another language

The Calque Story

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Calque? Good question.

A calque is a phrase translated word for word from another language. A perfect example is “point of view,” a calque of the French “point de vue.”

It’s not just that words matter. It’s that hearing and using your customers’ words—and their point of view—matter most.

That’s why we started Calque Marketing: to put your audience’s words and wants on center stage with marketing programs and content that resonate.

Our work and words get results. But more than that, we guide your team to succeed over the long haul.

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About Our Founder: Jesse Butts

I see it every day. CMOs have to choose between:

  • great strategists who can’t build out the programs or mentor the team members who carry out the mission, and
  • remarkable writers whose content shines but isn’t tied to the message or the plan

You don’t have to sacrifice creativity for strategy­—­or vice versa—any longer.

I founded Calque to help B2B marketing leaders level up their content, digital, and marcom game and teams.

For 13 years, I worked in and led these functions full time. I know the constraints and strengths of enterprise companies and start-ups because I’ve been in both.

When I’m not running Calque Marketing, I’m hosting The Work Seminar, the podcast for people with liberal arts advanced degrees considering or doing work outside their fields of study. (Yes, like yours truly.)

You’ll also find me spending time with my wife, my books, and my newfound fountain pen and letter-writing hobbies in our 1920s bungalow.

Check out JesseButts.com for the full story. You can hear my thoughts on where to start with content on the Do Less Bad podcast.